PHYTOGENIA is proud to offer individuals eager to take responsibility of different aspects of their physical, emotional and mental realms a line of wholistic health formulas.


Far from our intentions to neglect modern medicines that emphasize on various orthodox approaches, we think consulting a medical doctor is strongly advocated as soon as unusual pain or lack of physical comfort persists beyond a reasonable period.

Each of us should be able to perceive when a tolerable threshold of pain is reached as an indication to consult an official doctor. In spite of everything, with its huge regimen of modern drugs, allopathic medicine is often helpless faced to the treatment of painful symptoms, especially chronic pain.

For each formula, Phytogenia tackles the problem by sourcing botanical extracts and other actives that are recognized by the International Pharmacopia. Chemotyped essential oils, standardized plant extracts and excipients authorized by official ecological standards are the only possible choices. Our products will never be tested on animals.

PHYTOGENIA will always be eager to maintain a steady pace as much with modern science as with traditional medicines, let’s not forget that 60% of modern drugs are derived from the botanical kingdom.

We advise all individuals to invest more time at trying to follow the old Greek precept «Know Thyself». Being captives of our bodies for this lifetime, should we not pay more attention to make this trip as sound as possible? A healthy diet combined to intermittent cardio-vascular and relaxation exercises should become indispensable tools to a balanced lifestyle. Our mission:  to offer a line of natural health products to sustain a better quality of life.

Meet the Team

Sabrina Madi

Dr. Mohamed Ghalem

Amezian Amarouche
Marketing Manager