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Following a strenuous exercise such as jogging or other activity, we suggest to spend some time taking a hot bath or fresh shower and rub Calmatrit on affected areas. A sprained ankle, knee, shoulder or lower back will be soothed by massaging Calmatrit on the painful anatomy.

Adults taking blood thinners and women during pregnancy or breastfeeding should get medical advice prior to using Calmatrit. It is important to consult a medical practitioner when severe pain persists after a period of 7 days. Calmatrit should not be rubbed on Children before 3 years of age.

Phytogenia has developed a cream which penetrates quickly without leaving any film residue on the skin. Calmatrit will never stain your clothing and the treated anatomy is always left with a dry sensation.

A soothing sensation and relief will generally be felt after only a few minutes. You will feel a cooling sensation upon rubbing Calmatrit; a repeated use 3 to 4 times daily will maintain this calming sensation. The frequency of use will depend on the degree of pain and relief obtained.